Epic Showdowns: 3 Action Movies That Redefine Tamil Cinema

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  1. Ammuchi 2

The story of Ammuchi 2 revolves around Arun, who returns to his grandmother’s village with a mission to help educate Mithra, which will impact his life. The movie showcases Arun’s challenges in this journey and whether he is successful or not. The team of Nakkalites has delivered full-fledged entertainment, with every character having a role to play in the proceedings. This action Tamil movie has a well-written story and apt casting. The director has ensured that the proceedings are kept interesting throughout the runtime, and the music gels well with the movie’s theme.

  1. KuthukkuPathu

KuthukkuPathu is an action Tamil movie that revolves around a group of youngsters in Chennai who create chaos after a youngster’s impulsive proposal to a girl enrages her brother. The series is packed with a love story, an abduction scene, a bike race, a gang war, murder, an MLA and his two wives, a RAW agent, and more. The show is a dark comedy that manages to evoke laughter but gets convoluted and exasperating at times.

The series is a maiden venture that passes muster and marks the directorial debut of Temple Monkeys fame Vijay Varadharaj in a web series. The actors in KuthukkuPathu are all in their element and entirely convincing in their respective characters. The show works for those who are looking to watch some mindless comedy over the weekend. You can watch this Tamil latest movie only on aha.

  1. TheethumNandrum

TheethumNandrum is a 2021 Tamil crime drama film written and directed by Rasu Ranjith, who also stars in the lead role alongside Aparna Balamurali and Lijomol Jose. The film follows the story of Dass, Siva, and Maaran, who are burglars who always manage to escape the law’s clutches. Dass marries Sumathi, and Siva is in love with Thamizh. When Sumathi discovers Dass’s criminal activities, she asks him to quit, but he refuses and continues his life of crime.

The friends are eventually caught by the police and released, but they face challenges in their lives, including a sick child and a struggling existence. They reconnect with Maaran and commit one more burglary, but their plans go awry when Maaran double-crosses them.

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