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How to release essay

The appointed expert or technical consultant will then order the release of the essay, indicating the date, time and the parties who are required to present themselves. The only subject obliged to present himself is in fact the one who must be subjected to the essay. However, it is always highly preferable that the party’s technical consultants, if appointed, and their respective lawyers are also present, for a procedure that is as fair as possible and impartial, as well as greater mutual collaboration essay writing websites.

Usually the essay is conducted at the office of the appointed expert or official consultant; it is less appropriate for it to be carried out within the judge’s office: in this case, an explicit request must be made. In fact, from the date indicated by the expert or by the official consultant, the so-called expert operations will begin .

The subject who will have to draw up the essay, whether guilty or innocent, is certainly subjected to a considerable emotional load, as it is completely natural that one perceives pressure, even when dealing with an innocent person.

In fact, hardly anyone is aware of how the appraisal operations will take place and, in particular, the essay, and how everything unknown involves a certain degree of stress. The expert or official consultant is required to explain in advance what the essay will consist of and to reassure the same in order to dampen possible tensions, which could in any case also arise between the parties.

The essay therefore constitutes a document written a posteriori with respect to the document in question, it is therefore important to be aware of the general picture of the person who is subjected to the essay, such as, for example, the psychophysical state of the subject. It is essential to know the age, sex and profession of the individual, who in any case must be identified, by the graphologist expert, during the expert operations, by means of a valid identification document.

essay writing

The expert or official consultant must know the general clinical picture, i.e. whether there is the presence of diseases or other causes that may have produced disturbances such as to modify or alter the handwriting.

It will be the experience and professional competence of the forensic graphologist that will make it possible to better manage this unique and unrepeatable event, so that it is an important element in support of his investigations and the achievement of the truth.

Each forensic graphologist will be free to conduct the essay by applying diversified techniques, but there are some established customs that must be taken into consideration.