How to boost Growth Hormone

If you are looking for some simple steps to increase  HGH supplements naturally , then pay attention to these 3 factors:

  • Sleep properly
  • Balanced diet
  • Supplementation

sleep properly

Growth hormones are released when sleeping. Taking into account that the extent of secretion of this hormone is greater at night, you should sleep at least 8 to maximize the effects of this hormone. Only by fulfilling these premises will we be able to progress and achieve our goal.

proper nutrition

Eating 5 or 6 times a day can be optimal to ensure that our muscles can continue to grow, however, it is not at odds with eating fewer meals , but as long as we meet our dietary requirements, especially in the amount of protein that you need. In addition to training correctly, we must provide our human body with the necessary nutrients so that it can grow quickly and effectively.

Carbohydrates supply “fuel” to the muscles and the human body and cause a hormonal state conducive to muscle growth by increasing levels of insulin, testosterone and insulin-like growth factor type 1.


Supplementation is very important sometimes with extra supplements the growth hormone can be boosted quickly. Many stores are now available to everyone to get the supplements from and recommended dose should be taken. L-glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid, few studies showed that a very low oral dose of about 2 grams of glutamine produced increased growth hormone levels . Even more exciting, age influences the response of this amino acid to stimulate HGH, at least in this small study of volunteers who were in their thirties and sixties.