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Why should you become an affiliate member?

Becoming an affiliate member of gas-dank cannabis delivery in Mississauga, you stand to enjoy certain benefits such as a 15% commission on every sale you make;

  • High conversion rate: No competitor can match the effectiveness of our reputable brand and extensive, sector-leading promotions in converting customers. With, you’ll convert more of your traffic into income!
  • Highest industry commission rate. Guaranteed: We are willing to pay top dollar for premium traffic because we’re dedicated to creating the biggest cannabis brand in Canada. Simple plan: 12%. Gaining the Premium plan’s 15% commission requires 10 referrals.
  • Schedule for Payout via E-Transfer: Payments will be sent to you via e-transfer from the first to the fifth of every month. Without prior notice, the payout schedule is subject to change at any time.
  • Strong brand: Thousands of Canadians rely on the strength of the Toronto-based brand GasDank.

mississauga cannabis delivery

How to get started?

The affiliate program offered by Gasdank is relatively easy to begin. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be earning in no time;

Step 1: Register for the Program. Create and validate a free account to gain access to the affiliate administration panel. To register for this program, you will be required to submit

  • A username
  • A valid email
  • Your name
  • And a strong password.
  • To register, click on the link

Step 2: Share Your Specific URL for Referrals. Create a referral URL using your affiliate ID, then post it to social media, email, or your website.

Step 3: Examine the Statistics. Monitor the traffic you send and the corresponding sales. You make more money the more leads you refer.

Step 4: Get Paid Commissions. Earn up to 15% commission on all new purchases, evaluate your marketing efforts, and highlight the merchandise that sells the best.