Green Pool? Here’s How to clean and prevent it

You have a pool in your backyard. You like to spend time out there during the summer and enjoy a swim now and then. But one day, you notice an unusual green hue surrounding the pool. You have no idea why this is happening, but you know it’s not good. Let’s consider how to clean your pool and prevent green pools from ever coming up again!

What causes a green pool?

There are many reasons that this color may be appearing. Luckily, it can usually be fixed easily. The water in a pool reflects light. Thus, if your water is not transparent, it’s not as appealing. Many chemical issues may cause this green coloration of the pool, too. Algae cells and other organic matter often appear in pools. Sometimes, they can clump together and create the green hue that you see.

There are also ways that this happens naturally. If the water in your pool has been kept at a specific temperature for a long while, there may be some materials inside the filter that cause this green hue. You may need to call a pool repair company that knows how to clean a green swimming pool to check out the filter.

How do I remove the green tint from the water?

This is a pervasive problem because there are several reasons that a pool may become discolored. The most common cause is because algae are in the water. There are plenty of chemicals that you can buy at the pool store that can help. If you have algae in the water, it may be best to call a professional. A pool repair company can help you to remove the algae that are causing the discoloration.

Test the water and make sure that it has a PH value of 7.2 to 7.8. This is the ideal range for pool water. When the water becomes too acidic, algae will appear in the water, making it green in color. The way you get rid of the algae is to add some chlorine to the water. The pool store will usually have a specific ratio of chlorine to PH, so you should be able to figure out which amount of chlorine to add and how much to leave behind.